Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Introducing The Affordable Portfolio - Investments Anyone Can Buy

Sometimes I think that those in the world of financial media live under a rock.  They have this assumption that the general public has a sizeable wad of cash to plow into the market.  They'll put out a magazine article advising you to ADD THESE FUNDS TO YOUR PORTFOLIO NOW!!!  The problem is many of these investments require anywhere from 3 to 10 thousand dollars just to get in.  Sorry, but not all of us make six figures a year.

From time to time, a personal finance writer will crawl out from under that rock.  He will notice that there are those who don't have a lot of money, but would like to put it to work.  So he writes an article about mutual funds that can be bought for a pittance, gets it published, then crawls back under to rave about the next batch of inaccessible investments.  He's done us a huge favor, but he is only one voice out of thousands.  Affordable investing shouldn't have to be restricted to just a single page in magazines like Kiplinger's or Money.

This is where I come in.  Just like the writer mentioned in the previous paragraph, I too, am just one voice.  Unlike him, I don't live under a rock.  I want to show you that there financial products out there that can be yours for $500 or less.  They are still out there.  The investments I will profile include:
  • Mutual Funds
  • Cash and CD's
  • Stocks
  • Alternative Investments
DISCLAIMER AND DISCLOSURE UP FRONT:  Just because I write about these products doesn't mean I am recommending them.  Many of them I don't own myself.  This website is for information purposes only.  You should carefully consider whether they are suitable investments for you or not.  Consult with a financial professional if you need to.

Anyway, I should finish now.  I promise to return soon with some ideas for your Affordable Portfolio.  Until then, MANY HAPPY RETURNS!

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